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Padishah Variety Pack

ABV 11
Style Barrel aged Imperial Stout
Source Milwaukee, WI
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Product Description

Want to try a mix of the releases of our 2020 Padishah!? Well, now ya can! 6 pack features 2 each of the following 12 pack is 4 each:

  • 12 oz  Padishah Rye (11%) - Imperial Stout aged in Great Lakes Distillery Rye Barrels 
  • 12 oz  Padishah Bourbon (11%) - Imperial Stout aged in Great Lakes Distillery Bourbon Barrels 
  • 12 oz  Padishah Cognac (11%) - Imperial Stout aged in Cognac Barrels

Single 22oz bottle is (1) 2019 Heaven Hill Barrel-aged Padishah 


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